3 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Fibre Boyz.

Fibre Boyz


Why our customers love Fibre Boyz and why you should too!

Yes, we talking about ourselves, we don’t do it much as we firmly believe that our actions speak louder than words, but we thought we would write down a few areas where we simply belive we come out tops! So bare with us just a little bit as we give you some of our highlights.

1. We are people 
fibre boyz

Our team are humans! Yes Fibre Boyz will use some automated responses, but that’s just to make sure you get a response. Our interaction with our customers is people driven, we have a team built on our sales and after sales services, and as a key Vox channel partner, we have priority support in order to resolve complex problems. So whether your issue is delivery, financial or technical. Our teams dedicate their time on you, our number one citizen.

2. Education

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Fibre Boyz lead the field in educating our customers, from our amazing team explaining our products to our blogs which we published frequently! Our customers understand what’s best for them, from choosing the right product for the speed they need to explain our SMART tech and what products improve their overall performance.

3. Large Pool of FNO’s

What is ab FNO? you might wonder, it stands for Fibre Network Owner. A Fibre Network Owner (FNO) manages and owns your fibre optic connectivity infrastructure. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) manages how you receive the internet services over the FNO’s infrastructure, and further manages the speed and data frequency.

Through our various partnership with Vox and Axxess, our team have put together a large pool of Fibre providers, this allows us to have a large footprint of fibre providers in your area! We love fibre and push fibre network providers to areas with high demands.

Champions of #DataMustFall

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Fibre Boyz – Champions of #DataMustFall

Fibre Boyz is a champion of the #datamustfall movement, our fixed lte dealz were tailored to get every man on the street to access to the internet once fibre is in every home, we know we would’ve achieved our objective

Is Fibre available in your area

Fibre is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa, the pace of this is highly dependent on demand. You can check your area in our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

How easy it to get?

Simply fill in the application form in the shop, who pop your details onto our contact form HERE. Once we have all of your details and your account is approved, an installation contractor will visit your premises and get you connected

Contact our WhatsApp support line 076 483 6130 or email: info@fibreboyz.co.za

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