Are WiFi deadspots affecting your connectivity? Mesh WiFi is 1 awesome hack!

WiFi deadspots


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WiFi Deadspots

Having trouble getting a reliable WiFi signal in some parts of your home with wifi deadspots? Incase you don’t know what they are,Wi-Fi deadspots is an area covered by the WiFi network but does not receive any radio signals A WiFi repeater could be the solution for you, the trick is finding the right one!

A WiFi repeater or extender is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal and preventing wifi deadspots. With a WiFi repeater you can effectively double the coverage area of your WiFi network – reaching far corners of your home or office, different floors, or even extend coverage to your yard.

This is how traditional Wi-Fi extenders work as well, but with those you would often have to switch between networks manually (between Network and Network_EXT, for example). However, a mesh Wi-Fi network still acts as a single network, so your devices will switch between mesh units automatically.

Networking can be a confusing topic. For most people, they just want a robust network that is easy to set up, simple to manage and works flawlessly, even when the bandwidth is being pushed to the limit. 
This technology is available now, and it is called Mesh Wi-Fi.

Mesh WiFi for WiFi Deadspots

Mesh Wi-Fi systems connect to your existing broadband router or modem and deliver strong Wi-Fi  all around your home. These are the best ones to buy. Mesh networks may sound complicated, but the good news is that they’re really easy to install and transform your home Wi-Fi system.

Put simply, a mesh network is two or more Wi-Fi routers which work together to provide much wider Wi-Fi coverage than a single router can. This gives you a single Wi-Fi network even though in the background your devices will seamlessly connect and disconnect from individual routers in the background as you move around.

Mesh networks may sound complicated, but the good news is that they’re really easy to install and transform your home Wi-Fi system. Crucially, it means no more weak signals or dead zones: mesh Wi-Fi solves those problems and provides a fast, reliable connection all around your home.

Most well-known networking companies have a Mesh?Wi-Fi solution available. Recently, due to the current Covid19 situation, the need for a more reliable, powerful, and stable network really is an essential service.

TP-Link?speaks with customers daily who have experienced our mesh products and also look at the feedback online from customer reviews and media, the general consensus is once they have a mesh solution deployed in their home they are pleasantly surprised by the performance and ease of setup.

The Wi-Fi range offered by Mesh Wi-Fi is significant, and if you live in a very large home you can easily expand your coverage by adding another unit to your existing setup.

Previously to extend your Wi-Fi network you may choose to use a range extender, a separate access point or even Powerline technology. While this provides a solution in the short term it does have some disadvantages. You will see performance degradation when the signal is being amplified and your device may still try and cling to your router connection if you do not manually switch to the extender.

Mesh Wi-Fi solves this problem, even though you have 2 or 3 devices in a mesh system it is one single network that reaches every corner of your home. 
In the rare case that a 2 or 3 pack does not suffice you can easily add more so you have a wide coverage across your very large home.

While Mesh Wi-Fi is widely available, not all Mesh Wi-Fi kits are created equal. Check out our shop here to look at our suite of solutions: https://fibreboyz.com/shop/

Is Fibre available in your area

Fibre is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa, the pace of this is highly dependent on demand. You can check your area in our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

How easy it to get?

Simply fill in the application form in the shop, who pop your details onto our contact form HERE. Once we have all of your details and your account is approved, an installation contractor will visit your premises and get you connected

Contact our WhatsApp support line 076 483 6130 or email: info@fibreboyz.co.za

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