Fixed LTE: The 1 powerful alternative to fibre

Fixed LTE


Where to Start With Fixed LTE

We are in South Africa and the need for accessing the internet is booming! While fibre is king, there may be an alternative which could just work – Fixed LTE provides great speed at an affordable rate and in today’s difficult socio-economic climate, price is king. South Africa has been greatly impacted by Covid-19 and affordability is a key driver for consumers. The concept of uninterrupted power may seem mythical, but dependable connectivity is actually a reality. The reality is that Fixed LTE provides that solution to all, irrespective of your income bracket!

Fixed LTE

Working from home our new “normal” is ingrained into a lot of our DNA, most of us are now use to wearing our sleeping shorts with a tie on and like a Kardashian or Thor, Fibre is an ideal for everyone, but unattainable to many due to the slow pace of rollout across the country. While access to fibre is getting better, nothing beats the price-point or the fact that you aren’t stuck in messy contract which allows for a 30 day cancellation. With more meetings taking place remotely and users jumping onto Teams, Skype and Zoom, the need for high-speed, reliable and affordable connectivity has never been greater.

We’ve come a long way from “please call me” and call-per-second billing, and Data has replaced airtime as the most valuable commodity in any modern household which is the reason that the #datamustfall movement was so big. At entry level alone, you can buy 25GB for R100 that’s a low of R4 per GB! One of the cheapest rate in the country.

So, what’s the difference between Fixed LTE and Fibre?
Fixed LTE

The best way to describe LTE (Long Term Evolution) is perhaps that it’s like Fibre but in the sky. Albeit a fast and stable connection, ideal for remote working, it’s not as fast as Fibre. Once you plug in, your Fixed LTE-A SIM automatically locks with the closest cell towers to offer you the fastest speeds and most reliable connection. There are a couple of factors that can affect your network – like your distance from the nearest cell tower, user congestion and, yes, the weather, but more often than not, you’ll be treated to pretty fast speeds.

You’re looking at speeds up to 150Mbps – which is enough to cover those Netflix binge sessions or work-related video calls without worrying about buffering or freezing in any unflattering screengrab worthy moments.

LTE is available instantly you just need a sim card delivered, with data bundles available both day and night you have access to stream to your heart’s content! Contracts are on a month to month basis and, should you later install Fibre, you can always keep your router for as a failsafe backup option or for that new office.

In a nutshell, our MTN and Telkom solutions are versatile, affordable and a feasible alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

Is Fibre available in your area

Fibre is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa, the pace of this is highly dependent on demand. You can check your area in our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

How easy it to get?

Simply fill in the application form in the shop, who pop your details onto our contact form HERE. Once we have all of your details and your account is approved, an installation contractor will visit your premises and get you connected

Contact our WhatsApp support line 076 483 6130 or email: info@fibreboyz.co.za

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