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How Fibre made working from home possible

We’re coming to the end of the pandemic, but we are still all working from home! Is this the new normal, or will we start slowly going back to an “old normal”, we  all hope we do, well some of us I suppose! If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us anything, is that not only is Home Fibre resilient enough to handle unforeseen demands on its potential, but internet connectivity has also gone from being an outright luxury to a day to day necessity.

Remote working through Home Fibre connectivity

Entire business and entertainment models have been created which allow for remote work, learning, education and streaming, due to the increased emphasis on staying-at-home which has meant employees and employers alike can’t afford to be disconnected from each other, while still being apart. Key to that connectivity is, naturally, a Fibre-Based symmetrical connection.

Your home network can’t be relying on outdated connectivity methods, and we’ve learned to embrace the security, speed and convenience of said Fibre so much, it’s actually become an economic development tool essential to business success. While other methods like Fixed LTEADSL or Satellite have proved to be great alternatives, the sophistication of fibre technology far outstrips these, mainly in price and quality of product.

Ever since the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, almost every single FNO has provided additional value to the customer at little to no extra cost through various upgrades or penalty limits, this is largely due to the competitiveness of the market and the fact that there are many more players in the field. The great news is that this has provided more vox fibre in your area as well. The starting point from an entry level perspective for many standard FTTH packages is now 20mg and up.

Why, you ask? It’s because of supply and demand – as demand has gone up, so too have the packages offered.This increased demand for Fibre to the Home has also seen the introduction of higher product packages (from 500mg to even 1 gig lines. The pandemic has been positive for customers when it comes to improved products as its taken everything we thought we knew about Home Fibre and turned it on its head.

Home fibre

Previously, stay-at-home would have been boredom, working from home was never an option, but the market has dictated with flat out console wars, the rise of Netflix, Showmax and new entrants such as Britbox  streaming platforms, and various telecommunication video streaming services like Zoom and MS Teams.

So where is South Africa going? Well whats  in the pipeline now, are plans to make Fibre more accessible to lower LSM markets, there is a lot of opportunity in this market and realistically FNO’s need to start getting critical mass. While this doesn’t mean installing lines in areas where users don’t even have smart devices, it does involve the incorporation of concepts such as pre-paid Fibre (rather than monthly retainers) which allow for more downloads, streaming and Internet for the casual yet lower income user.

While the future has already started, fibre is going to get much more better for all of us! Its time to take the step and get your home and office connected with our amazing #fibreboyzdealz!

Is Fibre available in your area

Fibre is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa, the pace of this is highly dependent on demand. You can check your area in our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

How easy it to get?

Simply fill in the application form in the shop, who pop your details onto our contact form HERE. Once we have all of your details and your account is approved, an installation contractor will visit your premises and get you connected

Contact our WhatsApp support line 076 483 6130 or email: info@fibreboyz.co.za

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