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Ever since high internet users found out that fibre will be available in South Africa first hit users have been doing their research into the best service providers. With it rolling out in most areas through FNO’s (fibre network operators) more and more users are moving from traditional data networks to uncapped fibre. But the truth is, you really know what it is and why it’s such a big deal! If you’re one of those who don’t quite understand the hype, this blog is for you.

So what is fibre internet?

Well, it’s internet connectivity built on optic technology which delivers high-speed data through glass cabling, unlike ADSL, which uses copper cable

Who should get it?

The answer really is who shouldn’t, these are the great features about it:

  • Glass can’t conduct electricity, so there is less chance for whether to interfere with the quality. This makes it more stable and robust enough to provide a more reliable service. Copper cable, on the other hand, is more susceptible to damage and theft.
  • With it, data can travel up to 50 kilometres away before speed is affected.
  • ADSL also relies on a landline, which isn’t necessary when using it.

Is Fibre available in your area

Fibre is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa, the pace of this is highly dependent on demand. You can check your area in our ONLINE SHOP HERE.

How easy it to get?

Simply fill in the application form in the shop, who pop your details onto our contact form HERE. Once we have all of your details and your account is approved, an installation contractor will visit your premises and get you connected

Contact our WhatsApp support line 076 483 6130 or email: info@fibreboyz.co.za

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